The Telling of A Full-Circle Narrative

I am not a photographer. I am the narrator obsessed with the telling of a story-- the powerful, life-giving, life- taking historically marginalized culture of between the lines existence.  As a member of this hyper-visible, invisible, objectified, and still-objectifying; it is more than instinct to not just "read the lines", but in between the lines in every facet of life. I have come to learn that if there was to be anything of our [black] spirit, our way of being; it needed to be hidden from the oppressor. My aesthetics, as an artist, are rooted in this coding and decoding of messages within my own history and the “us” I come from. I know that the photographic aesthetic I posses is inherit of this condition. I find that black people are, and have been, fascinated with the “hidden” of a message. This incognizance reaffirms a weight of understanding that remains untouched by the ignorant “other”. These concealed meanings, messages, and significances have protected our existence against  the “eye” of the colonizing machine of white supremacy.

At the core of my scholarship, I find that I consistently seek to critically assess where and how people of color fit into the photographic narrative of this country. It is within a larger goal, for me, to study elements that contribute to the self image of women and girls of color. This exploration serves to illuminate the experience of finding value in womanhood, whether tarnished or praised. While doing so, I simultaneously find myself exploring my own access and usage as a black- woman- artist. As a black- woman- artist, my purpose and struggle is to represent the black-woman subject in a non-objectifying, non-exploitative manner. I endure this task as a difficult one; so, with extreme care, I move in this medium bringing a needed attention, insight, and subjectivity to a group of people that is most seriously lacking. In the end, it remains a battle to insure that my work stand in solidarity- an image that provokes reaction, connection, and interaction.